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Learning Community Applications

Thank you for your interest in the STRONG STAR Training Initiative. Please find the training you are interested in attending below and click the link to be directed to the appropriate application survey.

Please note that applications for learning communities will open approximately 3 months before the actual training event.

Cost: Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, eligible providers accepted into the Cognitive Processing Therapy or Prolonged Exposure Learning Communities will pay a reduced cost of $300.

Eligibility: Veteran-Serving Community-Based licensed mental health providers. Those who work as part of an agency must receive agency approval to participate. Multiple providers per organization are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Not Eligible: Mental Health Providers who provide services at a VA Medical Hospital or Department of Defense Military Treatment Facility. VA Providers should work with their local EBT Coordinator for training opportunities. DoD providers should work with their facility and the Center for Deployment Psychology for training opportunities.

Mental Health providers are eligible to apply to any training. Eligibility will be determined through the application.